holistic health very informative. Help to deal with the cause of the illness.
Jane P
Dr. Lachman is great! I so appreciate the care Dr. Lachman had given me. She's so knowledgeable and has helped me with my health at a variety of times in my life. I highly recommend her!
Mary L
appointment Dr. Lachman has always been professional and helpful. She is great!
Nicole M
Highly Recommend!!!! I've been working with Dr. Lachman for 6 months and have experienced great results with my health. She alleviated my fatigue, has increased deficiencies in my vitamin levels, balanced my hormones, and offered great remedies when I've been sick. My body has responded well to her protocol and I share all I've learned with family, friends, and others.
Very thorough Dr. Lachman answered all my questions and is a pleasure.
Jeffrey B
Abundant Wisdom Dr. Latchman was truly amazing during my first visit. I would rate her in the top 7 doctors I ever had assisting me with a medical condition in my 64 years. She was thorough in all her assessments of my concerns. As my first time with a ND doctor i was very satisfied with her abilities to help me.
Jaber C
Great Experience! I would highly recommend Dr. Lachman for anyone looking to improve overall health and well-being.
Beatrice O
Great experirnce! Great Experience. Learned a lot about myself and how to empowered myself to feel better.